About Us


York Minster, YorkFormerly based in the historic city of York, United Kingdom, FTK Publishing started publishing books in 2007. As a small publishing company, we specialise in the publication of books about history, social history, architecture and travel. In 2016 we started publishing cosy mysteries.

Recently we relocated to the Netherlands and some of our titles are available in Dutch.

With our books, we give readers a chance to find out more about our non-fiction topics in an interesting and easy to understand way. Our cosy mysteries are set in York and we hope that they also trigger your imagination and inspire you to look at your surroundings with a different eye.

Our books are available worldwide.

If you have any questions about FTK Publishing, please don’t hesitate to send us an email via the contact form on the Contact Page.

To learn more about our titles and be inspired yourself go to our non-fiction and fiction book pages, or check out our Authors.