Annie Appleton


Annie Appleton picAnnie Appleton is an indie writer, who loves cats, baking and reading mysteries. On top of that Annie has done her fair share of knitting. This might class her as the stereotypical cosy mystery reader, if it weren’t for the fact that Annie spent nine months of her life working on containerships and many a night looking at the sky in search for the International Space Station.

In 2004, Annie was lucky enough to move to the English city of York, where she, like an amateur sleuth in a cosy mystery, ended up in a close-knit, but vibrant community.
Annie soon fit in, thanks to a part-time job at the local deli and an allotment society vegetable plot.

Having written two non-fiction books about York, Annie is now using her time in York as inspiration for her cosy mystery series, which centres around Jacob Hicks, local physics teacher and generally regarded as the ‘village idiot’, and Paddy the Rat, observer of all things human.

To find out more about Annie and to read her blog, please visit her website at, or check out the books written by Annie by clicking on the links below.

Annie’s non-fiction books have been published under her real name Maria Staal.

Titles written by Annie Appleton