Romans, Vikings, Churches and Chocolate


Maria Staal

You might think that two thousand years of history would have changed the City of York a lot, but if you look closely you’ll notice that it hasn’t changed at all. With a little bit of help it is still possible to see the Roman streets, imagine yourself in Medieval times, roam through a Viking settlement and maybe smell the gunpowder from the great siege.

Anyone who tries to look at the city with different eyes can discover these things. It doesn’t matter if you have lived in York all your life or if you’re visiting just for a few days, exploring this city is great fun and very enlightening.

Romans, Vikings, Churches and Chocolate shows you with pictures of the modern streets and buildings, the history of this fascinating city. Maps reveal how the street pattern was built up over the centuries. And in an easy way it guides you through 2000 years of settlement, wars, entertainment and industrial revolution.

This is not a book with guided walks, but a book with which you can choose how to discover your favourite historic period in your own time.


Review by George Fleming

Romans, Vikings, Churches and Chocolate is a book that will appeal to a wide spectrum of people. For those of us who are interested in the history and building of York this is a compulsory read. To the casual visitor the book is an excellent reference guide.

The separation of the contents into historical periods makes the reading more interesting – the excellent photographs increases one’s appreciation of the buildings and the maps provide clarity and understanding.


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  • ISBN: 978-0-9557344-0-3
  • Size: 23 by 17 cm
  • Format: Paperback, Full Colour
  • Publication Date: 16 November 2007

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