Don’t Feed the Rat!


webAnnie Appleton

When Jacob Hicks, resident weird professor with a phobia for women, is suspect in a murder case, he reluctantly sets out to prove his own innocence. He tolerates the help of Emily, the niece of his best pal Dave and on probation for having bitten a policeman. Together they delve into the gossip and lies surrounding the members of the local allotment society, where even a garden hose can turn out to be a deadly weapon.

Meanwhile, Paddy the Rat and his friends are plagued by obnoxious teenage rat Cecil, who with his posse is disturbing the peace and quiet of the allotments. This wouldn’t be half as bad if Cecil hadn’t focussed on teasing Mad Maggie, Paddy’s childhood bogeyman. She has recently come alive and is now making Paddy’s life a living hell.

While Inspector McDermott tries to prove Jacob’s guilt, Jacob and Emily deal with scantily clad women, a development project that turns into blackmail and a maniacal old neighbour, who is convinced the rats are out to get her.
Will Milbury ever be the same after this?


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  • Format: Ebook
  • Publication Date: 1 May 2017

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